Park (MKII)

Park (MKII) is one of a series of works stemming initially from a commission called SUPERDREAM, which involved an exchange between the artists and communities of two comparable urban parks; Windmill Hill Park in Gateshead, UK, and Jeppe Park in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The first phase of SUPERDREAM took place in Windmill Hill Park at an event programmed as part of GIFT (Gateshead International Theatre Festival) on Friday 2nd May 2014. When researching her piece for this event, trying to imagine how she could make work that might link the two parks in some way, Lucy Carolan used Google’s Street View function to ‘visit’ Jeppe Park and found that it was fully accessible in this virtual fashion – because it’s small enough to kick a football across and entirely bordered by roads – in a way that Windmill Hill Park is not because it’s much larger and accessible to pedestrians and cyclists only. From this discovery, Lucy produced a simple stop-motion photographic animation of a walk around Windmill Hill Park, that was presented as a looped video on a tablet device floated inside a tripod mounted viewing box.

For the Jeppe Park phase of SUPERDREAM, Richard Glynn joined Lucy in the development of an analogue version of the digital prototype. In the course of their 10 day residency in Johannesburg, they worked with a local artisan to create Park (MKI), a contemporary mutoscope mechanism with which to share, with Johannesburg artist peers and the Jeppe Park SUPERDREAM audience, an analogue Google Street View-style tour of Windmill Hill Park in Gateshead.

Park (MKII) has been shown at the Baltic Artist Book Market in Gateshead, December 2014, FORMAT Festival Photography Book Fair in Derby, March 2015, as part of the Vélo Café Renaissance end of residency exhibition in Herlies, France, October 2015, and at Teesside University in Middlesbrough, February 2016.

The SUPERDREAM project was commissioned by the British Council for its Connect ZA programme. It was produced by Swallows Foundationand ISIS Arts in Gateshead, and The Trinity Session in Johannesburg.