The Lostness Club is Lucy Carolan and Richard Glynn, who have been working together since they met in 2004. In the course of their careers (which cumulatively span a scary number of decades) they’ve taken part in numerous international arts festivals and fairs, received awards and bursaries, completed residencies, published artist books, worked on commission, and exhibited from England to South Africa.

This website is the central point for joint Lostness Club projects, but Lucy and Richard each have sub-sites for individual lostness projects and other personal work – these can be found by clicking their names here, or via the ‘Links’ page in the ‘Infos’ section of the site menu above.

Lucy and Richard are also members of boxblind, which showcases their more commercial work, and of Wideyed, the artist-led collective they co-founded in 2008 with Louise Taylor.