The inspiration for ‘Wave’ dates back to the summer of 2006, when I contributed work to a filmic ‘cadavre exquis’ – a single spool of Super8 film passed between participating artists around the UK, who were each allotted 24 second section of the film with which to respond to the theme ‘Hello/Goodbye’. The piece I devised was a simple intervention comprised of multiple prints of my own hands, mounted on rods and arranged in the sand on a beach then filmed fluttering in the breeze. It could have ended there, but it seemed like a sketch for a work that begged to be developed further.

In 2014, when I took part in the 23rd edition of Process-Space, an annual art festival taking place in the Black Sea resort of Balchik in Bulgaria, the coastal setting seemed the perfect location in which to begin work on ‘Wave’ again. This 2nd version (see short video sketch below) was a progression in that the printed elements were larger and designed to float, plus the hands photographed for inclusion belonged to a participating group of County Durham Colour Your Life programme social prescription clients. I did some work towards creating a more robust and final version of ‘Wave’ as part of my 2015-2016 AA2A placement at Teesside University, but final development of this piece is currently on hold.