Vélo Café

Vélo Café Renaissance was a short residency undertaken 17th – 24th October as part of the 2015 edition of lille3000 (a 4 month long cultural bonanza that has been happening periodically in and around Lille since the city was selected as a European Capital of Culture in 2004).

The host organisation for Vélo Café Renaissance was l’Entorse, a Lille cultural association working in partnership with East Street Arts in Leeds and Vooruit in Ghent to produce projects linking arts and sports, and the residency was based in Herlies, a rural commuter village roughly 20km from Lille in the Nord Pas de Calais region of France.

Based on our jointly developed works Park (MKI) and Park (MKII) – contemporary reworkings of the Victorian mutoscope (better known as ‘What The Butler Saw’ machines) which were both made with prints and recycled bicycle parts – East Street Arts and l’Entorse commissioned myself and Richard Glynn to create further bicycle-based photographic sculptures. During the residency we produced two new pieces together: Vélo Café zoetrope, and Park (Meta), a new mutoscope machine for which we used Park (MKII) to make a ‘meta’ series of images.

Vélo Café Renaissance was also partnered by Le Tourne Bride café in Herlies, where the end of residency presentation took place on the evening of 24th October 2015. The two residency pieces, Vélo Café and Park Meta, have since also been shown at Teesside University in Middlesbrough, February 2016, and exhibited as part of The Lostness Cycles at Brighton Photo Fringe, October 2016, and Joseph Swan & Photography in Sunderland, February 2017.