The Corridor of Uncertainty

“A fast ball bowled ‘down the corridor’ creates uncertainty in the batsman’s mind: this is the key to princely cricket, because almost the entire cricket world has grown up thinking the only way to contain a batsman is to bowl down the corridor of uncertainty“.

Definition from The Wisden Dictionary of Cricket

This body of work stems from an arts commission about amateur cricket for the over 50s. The images were made during part of a Yorkshire tournament that ran in 2013, designed to encourage competitive sporting activity in this often overlooked age group.

It was all about the ‘three Cs’ – Curry, Cake, and Cricket, in that order (and frequently with Cigarettes as a fourth). When I took on this project I understood the appeal of curry and cake already, but cricket was a complete mystery: the language of cricket is like the sporting equivalent of the shipping forecast – it’s obviously English, but I still don’t understand it so it fascinates in a similar way. Visually, the pattern and ritual – the waiting and watching, similar to the practice of photography – also fascinated, as may be evident in this selection of images.

Although this project is, in a way, unresolved (the commissioning ‘curator’ did exhibit some of it but never bothered to let me know when and where, and certainly didn’t consult me about the how), I’ve put it in the ‘Images’ section of my website as if it’s complete because I don’t know what else to do with it.