The Lostness Club began as a project for the 2013 Nomadic Village international artist residency in Cuges les Pins, France. The starting point was a quote attributed to author Ray Bradbury, “Half the fun of travel is the aesthetic of lostness” and, in the grand tradition of the artistic roadtrip, the aim was to use the 2000+ mile journey and 2 week period of the residency to collect and process material as part of a collaborative investigation into the what the aesthetics of lostness might be. The original title of the project was The Watsonian Experiment, as the chariots of choice for the residency trip were two classic motorcycles, one with a rare 1960s Watsonian Monosport sidecar attached.

The Watsonian Experiment turned out to be just the first phase of much longer term work on the fascinating subject of lostness, and in recognition of this The Lostness Club was established in 2015. Co-founders Richard Glynn and Lucy Carolan work together on joint lostness projects and also individually – Richard is still exploring travel as a means of discovering aesthetics of lostness, while Lucy has become more interested in its psychological aspects, and this website is their online clubhouse.

* Klaus Maehring’s Cuges les Pins edition of Nomadic Village™ took place 23/09 – 06/10/2013 and was part of the Marseille-Provence 2013 programmed festival ‘Nous serons tous d’ici’. Lucy and Richard are particularly grateful to residency organisers and hosts Tadlachance and the townspeople of Cuges les Pins for their warm, gracious and generous welcome.